Sunday, 7 August 2011

Next Project...a super cute jumper for the cold NYC winter!

You may or may not know that I am moving to New York City in around 6 weeks (argh!) and I am seriously un-prepared for the freezing cold New York winters as this winter in Newcastle has proven! I am really terrible at buying winter clothes because above all else I find that jumpers are seriously over priced because everyone needs them and I am a really fussy shopper because I have been sewing and making my own clothes since I was around 16...I constantly walk around shops saying 'I could make that for cheaper' :/ Now I am able to knit, I thought I'd have a go at making my own jumper!! I know the Topshop AW11/12 look book has been circulating cyber space for sometime but I came across this image on my friend Jenn's blog Venturess and instantly fell in love with the jumper.

I have already worked the repeat for the pattern...took me a couple of hours but it was totally worth it! I found a pattern for it whilst thumbing through the same Vogue knitting book as I found the baby cardigan in, but the pattern is for a much finer knit than I want so I'm going to have to alter the tension which could be a challenge as I have never done it before...

I am also looking out for a suitable yarn as I am the laziest person in the world and I HATE hand washing with a passion so I want it to be machine washable but I am pretty sure that the King Cole yarn I used for the baby project is going to be extremely expensive with the quantity I need...another visit to Ramshambles is in order!

If any one has any yarn suggestions please let me know...I'd appreciate  some guidance!


Friday, 5 August 2011

The Finished Modern Baby Layette :D

All finished! Here are the patterns below, look at older posts for more info and tips :)

Blanket: Stitch Me Softly's 'Baby Snuggle Wrap' 2.5cm Pom Pom

Booties: Bernat's 'Stay On Knit Booties' 1.5cm Pom Pom

Ear-Flap Hat: Petite Purl's 'Cheery Scrap Hat' (for fair isle pattern see 20th July 2011 post) 3cm Pom Pom

Cardigan: 1st August post I crocheted the flower from a pattern in 'Crocheting for Dummies' (great book!!)

I loved every part of this project! Knitting for babies is so rewarding!
Enjoy x

Monday, 1 August 2011

The Final Piece...the Cardigan

Man, this has taken me ages! I actually finished it last week but haven't had time to type up the pattern until now! Here is the finished cardigan (minus pom poms as usual!)


I adapted the pattern from a 1936 Vogue pattern my Mum found. Again, I used the King Cole Super Wash Anti Tickle in cream but I had to buy the smallest size (I still don't understand the weight thing but it knits up on a 3.5mm needle) This is my first typed up knit pattern so here goes!

Yarn: 2 balls
Needles: 3mm US size 11
Tension: 30st 40rows = 10cm

k=knit, p=purl, co=cast on, sts=stitches, dec=decrease, inc=increase

Knits in one piece. Begins at lower edge of back.


Cast on 61st. 

Row 1-13: *k1,p1 30times, k1 (Moss Stitch)
Row 14-50: Stocking Stitch starting with a k row (k on right side, p on wrong side)
Row 51: p30, k1, p30
Row 52: k
Row 53: p29, k3, p29
Row 54: k
Row 55: p28, k5, p28
Row 56: k
Row 57: p27, k7, p27
Row 58: k
Row 59: p26, k9, p26
Row 60: k
Row 61: p25, k11, p25
Row 62: k
Row 63: p24, k13, p24
Row 64: k
Row 65: p23, k15, p23
Row 66: co 41sts, k61
Row 67: co 41st, p22, k17, p55, *k1, p1 four times
Row 68: *p1, k1 four times, k127, *k1, p1 four times
Row 69: *p1, k1 four times, p54, k19, p54, *k1, p1 four times
Row 70: *p1, k1 four times, k127, *k1, p1 four times
Row 71: *p1, k1 four times, p53, k21, p53, *k1, p1 four times
Row 72: *p1, k1 four times, k127, *k1, p1 four times
Row 73: *p1, k1 four times, p42, k43, p42, *k1, p1 four times
Row 74: *p1, k1 four times, k127, *k1, p1 four times

Repeat rows 73&74 four more times

Row 83: *p1, k1 four times, p42, k43, p42, *k1, p1 four times

Shaping the Neck

Row 84: *p1, k1 four times, k61, turn 
Row 85: Cast off 2sts at neck edge, k17, p42, *k1,p1 four times
Row 86: *p1, k1 four times, k to last st, dec 1
Row 87: dec 1, k14, p42, *k1, p1 four times
Row 88: *p1, k1 four times, k to last st, dec 1
Row 89: dec1, k12, p42, *k1, p1 four times
Row 90: *p1, k1 four times, k to the last st, dec 1 (62sts) 
Row 91: k11, p42, *k1, p1 four times
Row 92: *p1, k1 four times, k to the end
Row 93: k11, p42, *k1, p1 four times
Row 94: *p1, k1 four times, k to the end
Row 95: k11, p42, *k1, p1 four times
Row 96: *p1, k1 four times, k to last st, inc 1
Row 97: co 2sts, k13, p42, *k1, p1 four times
Row 98: *p1, k1 four times, k56
Row 99: co 13st, k15, p42, *k1,p1 four times (78sts)
Row 100: *p1, k1 four times, k57, *k1, p1 six times, k1
Row 101: *p1, k1 six times, p1, k15, p42, *k1, p1 four times

Repeat rows 100&101 eleven times

Row 124: Cast off 41sts, k25, *p1, k1 six times (37sts)
Row 125: *k1, p1 five times, k1, p26
Row 126: k27, *p1, k1 five times
Row 127: *k1, p1 four times, k1, p28
Row 128: k28, *p1, k1 four times, p1

Repeat rows 127&128 23times

Work the next 13 rows in Moss Stitch making sure the existing Moss Stitch is worked from to ensure the pattern is correct.
Cast Off.

Either rejoin the yarn to the next group of stitches or cut the yarn (leaving a long enough tail) and continue with the stitches that have not yet been worked.

Cast Off 5 stitches at the neck edge loosely and complete this side to match the finished side, reversing shapings.

Making Up

Gently steam the finished piece. Work a row of double crochet around the neck edge and fasten off.
Sew up the side seams.
Where the Moss Stitch at the centre front slants, turn back the neck edges to match and sew.
Crochet a 25st chain just underneath the turn back leaving a long tail when fastening off for pom poms. (See picture below for close up of neckline)

I really hope this is clear! Any problems please let me know!!