Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Baby Blanket Notes and Photos

Ok, I finished the blanket a couple of days ago but I've been working so it's taken me until now to write it up! I would say I'm an average speed knitter and it took me a good 3 days.

(I'm waiting to find out if it's a boy or a girl before I add the pom pom to the fastening!)

I got the pattern from another blogger Stitch Me Softly-Baby Snuggle Wrap. The pattern was really straight forward, usually when I'm following patterns off the internet I find myself a some stage going 'eh?!' so that was great!

As mentioned in the first post, I used a 100% wool Chunky King Cole Super Wash, Anti-Tickle yarn instead of the recommended alpaca yarn as I want the item to be machine-washable and baby friendly! This did cause an issue with the initial tension as the needles suggested by the pattern are 7mm and the needles suggested on the yarn are 6mm. I ended up having to do the first row as a knit row, instead of in the moss stitch and controlling the tension on every stitch (real pain :/ ). I was also left with a good 15cm tail at the end of the row. I was fairly concerned that I might have to start again but the tension was absolutely fine from then on so I tied a knot in the tail next to the knitting, cut the folded over end to leave me with 3 strands and then weaved them in (see picture below).

The only other problem I had was learning when to start the new ball of wool, the blanket is deceptively wide! The woven in ends look really messy so I would suggest that when you get to the end of a row and have around 1m50 left of your wool, start a new ball and the ends will be woven into the edge (see picture below).

I'm super happy with the results and will be following more of this knitters patterns in the near future...thanks Stitch Me Softly!

Booties next...can't wait to start them!


  1. I love your snowy white version! Thanks for the mention and for getting in touch. It's always so touching to see another knitter enjoy my patterns!


  2. Great job! 3 days? My goodness, I can't seem to finish anything that fast. I'm a steal a moment to stitch kinda gal, though. Hope mine looks this good.