Saturday, 9 July 2011

Modern Baby Layettes...why do these not exist!!!

Ok, so I recently found out that someone I know is having a baby (yey!) and I have always wanted to knit a layette not that I have acquired the basic skills that I need to knit a garment, so I set about searching the internet for a suitable project.

Problem: the couple in question are in their 20's and are into the high street and labels side of life. Try typing in 'baby layette' into any search engine and all you find is super crafty, home-made looking designs, not that there is anything wrong with that but this would totally not work for the a-for mentioned couple.

So, I have set to work finding a suitable pattern for each of the key components (blanket, hat, booties and a cardigan) So far I have only been successful in finding a blanket project and the booties. As of yet, we don't know wether the baby is a boy or girl so I have decided on a cream base wool so that I can get started.

Problem 2: What yarn do you buy for a baby?! All they do is poo, puke and pee so it needs to be machine washable. It also needs to be 100% natural fibres for their skin and not malt too much so it doesn't get in their eyes/mouth/nose. I know alpaca is super soft and really fashionable right now but it is seriously impractical for the above what do you use?

After days (and I mean DAYS) of searching the internet (again) I went and visited my local wool shop Ramshambles, York. The guys in there are so helpful and pointed my in the direction of King Cole. They do a range of Anti-Tickle, Super Wash (mashine washable at up to 40 degrees :D) 100% wool. It comes in loads of colours and different weights and so its perfect for my layette!!

So, the blanket is started...I've hit a few snags already so once it's finished I'll be back to give you the low-down!!

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